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GRAVITAS chief to host workshop

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An Educational seminar on the world financial crisis, its effect on us, and lessons we can learn will be held here next week.{{more}}

The workshop, which will take place on Thursday, October 30th, will be led by Eric Guichard, Chief Investment Officer of GRAVITAS Capital Advisors, a company responsible for advising global and sovereign institutional clients.

Guichard will explain what individuals and organisations should do right now to weather this blistering storm, to survive its aftermath and come out stronger than ever before.

This Workshop will cover: How we got in this mess in the first place; The Subprime Crisis – A Structural View; Risk & Portfolio Management of Financial Institutional Assets; New Product Development – Process of Product Innovation to meet Community and Institutional Needs.

The Feature Address at the workshop will be delivered by Vincentian Professsor at the University of the West Indies, Justin Robinson. He is the Head of the Department of Management Studies at the Cave Hill Campus and holds a Ph.D in Finance from Manchester University.

The Seminar is being conducted in association with the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking (ECIB) and marketed by The Learning Forum and will be held at the Frenches House Conference facility located at Frenches Gate, beginning at 9 a.m.