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Cable & Wireless cuts cost of business services


Cable & Wireless (C&W) is cutting the cost of doing business in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where medium businesses and large corporate customers will benefit from reduced prices on the data connection services.{{more}}

“C&W is making it easier, more convenient and less expensive to use its three most popular business data connection services: Dedicated Internet Access, Domestic Private Leases Circuits and International Private Leased Circuits,” a release from the company said on Tuesday.

“We know that the bottom line is very important to our customers and with these price reductions in cutting edge data connections it will certainly improve the end results and success of our customers. And that’s what we are here to do,” said Angus Steele, Country Manager of C&W St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Enterprises with large data communication requirements and multiple locations, such as branches, sub-offices or data points (as used in the banking and food delivery industry), often require C&W Domestic Private Leased Circuits (DPLC). These offer a dedicated link that provides high-speed point-to-point connections for a secure and dependable way of sending sensitive important information to local business locations and partners.

The DPLC service provided by C&W offers highly available, reliable, secure and scalable connectivity providing a free flow of data between office locations, which enables businesses to combine a variety of telecommunication applications, including point-to-point voice, high-speed data, and video and fax transmission.

Using the DPLC services businesses can also access high-speed dedicated international connections by extending their local network to the international playing field by connecting to C&W headquarters.

Alternatively, for multi-national businesses that need to enhance their corporate communication between one or more overseas sites, C&W offers premium communication with International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC), which guarantees overseas transmission of time-sensitive and critical information.

“There are more and more businesses today that need to reach out beyond our country’s border and we are helping them to do that at a more affordable rate yet maintaining the strength and integrity that C&W is known for.” Said Sharon Cyrus, Manager Internet and Broadband.

A monthly rental and no usage charges helps large and mediums businesses manage their budget, and commitment period discounts of one, two and three years make it possible to forecast the cost of future data connections.

“Businesses demand service they can count on especially when they urgently need to send very sensitive information. With our data connections and guaranteed service delivery they will get that,” Cicyln Joseph, Head of Business Sales said.

A Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers customers static IP addressing and DNS addressing hosted by the C&W web server, allowing businesses to operate a website, email, reservation applications, FTP applications and more.

With a 24-7 high bandwidth connection, a customer with DIA is always connected to the Internet – essential for a mission critical website, communicating with suppliers and customers or providing employees with remote access to the corporate network.

Through DIA, businesses can take full advantage of the benefits of bandwidth intensive applications, such as video streaming on a website to increase revenue through e-commerce and distance learning webcasts to improve staff knowledge.

Cable & Wireless is committed to maximizing the power of the Internet and data connectivity by helping businesses find the right services at the right price to communicate wherever and whenever they need, within offices and across the world.