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ACE continues its zonal activies

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The Division of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) in the Ministry of Education, through its zonal offices, is currently having a series of community activities geared towards bringing issues and gathering information from communities throughout the country.{{more}}

Its first activity was held on the 16th October at the San Souci Learning Resource Centre. This was a Community Town Hall Meeting put on by ACE Zone Two. This function was held under the theme “Community Action: Universal Repercussion.” Platform presentations were given by Hon. Senator Saboto Ceasar who spoke on aspects dealing with preadial larceny; Simeon Greene who gave a “Historical and Economic Overview of Agriculture in this New Era;” while Oscar Allen gave a deep and thought provoking presentation on the “Psyche of Vincentians and what can be done to engender a patriotism that will lead to more local support of Vincentian agricultural produce.”

Close to one hundred persons attended the function which also heard brief remarks from Frances Clarke, Coordinator of Adult Education. The session was chaired by John Zan George, while Zonal Coordinator Cleopatra Jackson organised and hosted the activity. Zonal Coordinator Nigel Morgan also assisted in making the programme a success.

Questions were entertained from the floor and several issues were clarified by the three competent panelists. The Division has already committed to having activities in all zones.

On 21st October, 2008, there will be a Town Hall meeting in Questelles at the Learning Resource Centre. The focus will be on “Parenting and its effects on Behavior.” There will be a Health Fair on the 22nd October, 2008, in Bequia, at the Bequia Community High School. Zonal activities will follow in November and December. The Division is operating on the philosophy that “You are Never Too Big Too Learn.”