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Vincentian father/son duo invited to perform in Egypt

Vincentian father/son duo invited to perform in Egypt


Local entertainer Ken Isles and his son Ellsworth ‘Mark’ McKie have been invited to perform at the prestigious Cairo Opera House in Alexandria, Egypt.{{more}}

Minister of Culture René Baptiste officially announced this at a press conference on Tuesday, October 7th. Baptiste related that she had recently received correspondence from Dexter Rose, St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ Ambassador to Cuba, stating that the Egyptian Ambassador to Cuba had extended the invitation. Isles and his son’s performance, as part of a small cultural delegation that had traveled to Cuba last year to celebrate this country’s independence, had impressed the Egyptian Ambassador.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Isles expressed how pleased he was at the prospect. “It’s really an honour for me… any time I get an opportunity to represent my country, I do it with pride!” He further stated that he is prepared to: “…carry the flag of SVG to the wider world.”

A request was also made for a “tentative date” for their attendance in December, as well as any video footage and credentials of the duo.(JSV)