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Williams wins bMobile TV

Williams wins bMobile TV



bMobile customer Don Williams will be watching his favourite television programmes in style as he was the lucky winner of the bMobile Spring Bling promotion. Williams won himself a 42” plasma screen television after he qualified for the promotion by talking for four minutes on his bMobile phone.{{more}}

Williams was elated at his prize and thanked the members of Cable & Wireless staff who were present.

Marketing Analyst Andrea Liverpool was on hand at the presentation, and congratulated Don on his win and thanked him for being a loyal bMobile customer. “It is always a pleasure to see our customers rewarded for using our service, and we will continue to bring promotions that will continue to provide value to our customers”, Liverpool went on to say.

Williams joins fellow Spring Bling winner Edginton Welsh who rode away on a Yamaha scooter in the month of May.