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Teachers attend in-service workshop


Over 100 teachers are currently enhancing their skills and professional development.

An in-service workshop, presented by the St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Teachers’ Union (SVGTU), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Canadian Teachers Federation, (CTF) kicked off last Monday, July 14, at the Girls’ High School.{{more}}

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the workshop, Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel told participants that in her day as a teacher, professional development opportunities were farfetched.

This, she said changed considerably when the education revolution was put in place by her Government.

Miguel said that the focus now “is on changes in the structure and the organization of our schools”. She said that “new teaching materials, acquiring new knowledge and adapting new approaches in delivery of instruction” are some of the changes that have taken place over the past seven years.

She claimed that this is being achieved because of the tremendous emphasis placed on providing a wide range of “training opportunities and professional development of teachers at all levels”. She urged all the participants at the workshop to embrace the opportunity offered to them at this juncture of their career.

She also applauded the relationship between the Ministry of Education, the CTF and the SVGTU, and said that the relationship aids in the development of teachers and students at every level of the educational system.

Meanwhile, leader of the CTF team, Dana Kosowick, said that they were ready and eager to work with the teachers and to begin the professional development sessions. Kosowick said that every possible effort will be made to present “the best professional development workshop possible”. She said that they could identify with some of the challenges faced by teachers, such as limited resources, violence in school, inter alia because they are facing those same challenges. “We are anxious to share of our Canadian experiences while learning about your struggles and success” she said.

Also giving brief remarks were Deputy Chief Education Officer Luis de Shong and President of the SVGTU Joy Matthews. They both urged the teachers to embrace the opportunity given to them and emphasised the importance of professional development to the development of their teaching skills.

The teachers are being trained in Information Technology, Remedial Mathematics, Reading, Differentiated teaching and Trade union education.

The sessions are being conducted by four CTF teachers, along with some of their local counterparts. (VM)