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Over 55 Teachers, Principals honoured

Over 55 Teachers, Principals honoured


High praises and accolades are rarely bestowed on teachers, but in a welcome change, over 55 retired and retiring teachers and principals were honoured at an Appreciation Ceremony at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, July 3.{{more}}

Five Primary and Secondary School principals retired in 2006, thirteen primary school principals in 2007 and 33 Secondary teachers and principals will proceed on pre-retirement leave this year.

Speaking on behalf of the retired and retiring teachers, Jean Charles, representing the Primary Establishment, said that retirement is something that one must come to accept but it does not mean it’s the end of the road of things to do. “I want to encourage us not to sit back in our rocking chairs and get old. We still have a lot of life and vigour in us to serve our country,” Charles stated.

Sylvia Findlay, speaking on behalf of the Secondary Establishment and Multi purpose Centres, noted that when she entered the teaching profession in 1971 she did not have any intention whatsoever of making teaching a career. Findlay said that over the years, she reflected and noted that God had masterminded his plans for her. The teacher of 37 years said that there is still much work to be done and that there is a strong cadre of young teachers to take the nation higher when her group leaves. Findlay thanked persons in the education ministry for helping her and other teachers throughout their long-serving and fruitful journey.

Delivering her address, Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel said that she had not often had the opportunity to address persons on the start of their retirement. Minister Miguel said that one starts retirement in much the same way as the start of a new endeavor. “You have contributed immensely to the education sector and that is something you should be proud of,” Miguel added. She told the teachers that they could still contribute to this country in different fields and still be productive.

Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan and Permanent Secretary Laura Browne also delivered brief remarks at the ceremony. (KW)