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Newspaper Editors attend CSME seminar

Newspaper Editors attend CSME seminar


Newspaper Editors, more than others, have a role to play in furthering the integration movement and crafting strategies to deal with the challenges faced by the people of the region.

Dr Clarence Henry, Antigua’s Trade Policy Coordinator, expressed this view on Wednesday as he addressed the opening ceremony of a workshop in Antigua for senior newspaper editors from throughout the region.{{more}}

Henry, who is also the National Authorizing Officer for the European Development Fund in Antigua, said that editors have this responsibility, given their “unique position and influence both on the product of their respective enterprises and their impact on public opinion”.

The Ambassador lauded the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) Unit of Caricom for organizing the workshop, as “… it is of the utmost importance for the media to be well-informed on issues relating to our Region.”

Henry suggested that journalists and newspaper editors could promote the integration movement and the CSME by creating dedicated sections in newspapers to promote the CSME and its benefits; utilizing more prominently the Arts and Entertainment section of newspapers to advance the CSME; interviewing key Government and Private Sector representatives on the economic successes of the CSME, and making a conscious effort to explore the functional cooperation and sectoral issues which have improved the lives of the people of our Region.

From July 16 – 17, the 24 participants from 12 Caricom member countries heard presentations and had practical sessions on “Making a living in the CSME”, “Trade and Commerce in the CSME” and “Writing on the CSME and Caricom”.

The workshop had as its main presenter Ivor Carryl, Programme Manager of the CSME Unit. Other presenters included Steven Mac Andrew, Specialist, Free Movement of Labour; Elma Gene Isaac, Senior Legal Officer, CSME; Andrea Symmonds, CSME Coordinator, CARICAD; Lenox Forte, Macro Economist, CSME Unit; Barbara Lee, Jamaica Fair Trading Commission; Canute James, Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications and Salas Hamilton Communications Specialist in the CSME Unit.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines was represented by Clare Keizer of Searchlight newspaper and Duggie “Nose” Joseph of the News newspaper.