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New Arnos Vale city within next ten years

New Arnos Vale city within next ten years


Within the next ten years, Arnos Vale will be transformed into a new city.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the international airport at Argyle on Sunday, Dr.Rudy Matthias, Chairman of the International Airport Development Company Limited (IADC), announced that once all the necessary measures for Argyle to be executed have been put in place, attention will turn to developing a new city at Arnos Vale.{{more}}

“Just imagine it: Within one single decade, you and I have a rare opportunity to build an international airport at Argyle, and a new city at Arnos Vale”.

Dr. Matthias said he believes that Argyle and Arnos Vale together represent a kind of transformation of our Nation, which has the potential to stimulate growth and development at such a pace to eliminate poverty much faster than any other inspirational policy initiative could have achieved.

Among the “necessary measures” which are being put in place for Argyle is the construction of two new roads.

First, the Argyle Bypass road, which is being constructed by C. O. Williams at a cost of US$5.2 million. This road is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank as a loan to the government. Dr.Matthias pointed out that the Government expects this road to be completed before year’s end.

Dr Matthias stated that the Government is also in the process of designing a new road that will traverse the southern end of the runway. This new road will provide access to the Rawacou pond, and to homes and properties on the Eastern side of the airport.

The cost of this road will also be met by our government. Construction will begin by year’s end. (HN)