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Killer dogs put to sleep

Killer dogs put to sleep


The four dogs that mauled a woman in Cane End last month are dead.{{more}}

Althea Cato met her death in what can only be described as gruesomely painful circumstances on the morning of Friday, June 6.

She was killed by her employer’s dogs when she went to work that morning, leaving her three children to mourn.

Police are continuing their investigations into what happened that morning at the residence of Rupert Minors, where Althea had been a domestic worker for close to 15 years.

However, Veterinarian Dr Colin Boyle has confirmed that three of the four dogs have since been put down.

The other dog was reportedly shot to death after it escaped police custody while being transported to a kennel.

The incident involving Cato sparked general concerns about the control of dangerous dogs in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Government officials confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that legislation to deal with this issue was being discussed by the various stakeholders, before bringing it to Parliament.