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Digicel Rocks the seas with Thomas Browne promotions

Digicel Rocks the seas with Thomas Browne promotions



Digicel continues to team up with other agencies to bring the best shows to party lovers.

Thanks to sponsorship from Digicel and an initiative from Thomas Browne Promotions, Vincentian revelers had the chance to party with the band Touch aboard the MV Jaden-T last Saturday, July 12.{{more}}

Dubbed ‘Jam Dem’, the boat ride saw an energetic performance from the 17-year-old band whose expertise at entertaining had the partygoers on board the boat dancing and jamming while the vessel cruised along the Leeward coast.

Four original members of the Touch entourage performed songs like ‘Back Off’, ‘Kangaroo’, Hickie’, and the motto of the boat ride ‘Jam Dem’. These songs, many of which were Road March winners, had the crowd in a party frenzy. The entertaining session created a Carnival atmosphere, allowing persons to become oblivious to the drone of the boat’s engines.

Gideon James and Godfrey Dublin showed they could still perform like the younger soca dans, while keyboardists Brian Alexander and Willis Williams held their own. There was also a stellar performance from Chartered bass player Anthony Moore. The only missing member of Touch was Ifill Shortte who works on a cruise ship.

Other performers on the Jam Dem boat ride included Kevin Little, Zola and Skarpyon.