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ACED, UNESCO promoting Agro-Processing


The National Literacy Crusade was completed some 18 months ago, but the Adult and Continuing Education Department (ACED) continues to deliver tangible courses to its clients. On Thursday, July 10, 31 women from the constituency of North Windward graduated and showcased their exhibits from an agro-processing course.{{more}} The course participants were split into two groups. One group covered participants from south of the Rabacca Dry River, while the other was north of the river.

During the three-month duration of the course, the participants were trained in the making of Ham (turkey, chicken, pork), wines, liqueurs, relish, candies, cake, fruits, mayonnaise, condensed milk, smoke herring and ketchup. In addition to these technical skills acquired, the participants north of the river were also exposed to social and business skills, as well as financial literacy.

Through the acquisition of these skills, the participants are now prepared to establish their own business, either individually or as a group. They are also more equipped to function more effectively in the society.

During the graduation ceremonies, speeches were heard from ACED personnel Frances Clarke, Kenneth King, and area representative Minister Montgomery Daniel. The entire course was sponsored by UNESCO; the facilitator of the course was Licha Goddard of LG’s Agro- Processing Richland Park, and coordinated by Kenneth King.