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Island scholar wins award in Canada

Island scholar wins award in Canada


Leytisha Jack, a 2005 National Scholar, is the recipient of yet another award.

Jack, a student at the University of Manitoba, in Canada, has been named the Elizabeth Paterson International Student of the Year from the Canadian Bureau for International Education.{{more}}

Originally from Layou, Jack graduated from Community College in 2005, with A-levels in Sociology, Psychology and a distinction in Art and Design, which earned her the prestigious National Scholarship.

Jack has just completed her second year of studies in Manitoba, where she is pursuing an Honours degree in Environmental Studies in Sustainable Development.

Her academic performance plus an essay written about her insights of study experiences in Canada earned her the award from a field of 445 students.

Leytisha’s studies at Manitoba include Maths, the Natural Sciences, Architecture, and the Social Sciences.

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Canada’s international relations through international education: the free movement of ideas and learners across national boundaries.

According to the CBIE “The selected international student of the year must present unique, fresh and energetic ways of explaining their experiences in Canada.”

“I wrote about the cultural shocks in the classroom, such as being the only black student in a large classroom and the long and cold severe weather in Winnipeg. I also explored my experience with ethnic diversity which was a joy – learning about the new cultures was fantastic. I expanded on our often neglected dialect in the essay as well as personal issues such as the adjustment to missing the close-knitted communities of family and friends,” Jack said.

The outstanding student gave thanks to God and to certain people whose help and determination have inspired her along the path of her development.

She is a member of the local Contemporary Young Artists Movement, a group of creative students and graduates. She exhibited her artwork in a group exhibition “Art of Belonging” in 2006 and one of her paintings features in the NCB 2007 Calendar ‘Alive to Create’.

Her former teacher, Vonnie Roudette, expressed enormous pride in Jack’s impressive achievement.

“Leytisha’s life, like many other youths, has been one of adversity. Her ability to use a creative attitude to overcome challenges is an inspiration to fellow Vincentians, and I have no doubt that she will return to make a significant contribution to the nation. Her essay should be made available to secondary and college students to inspire them also.”