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Improvement at Campden Park Container Port can result in savings


Productivity and efficiency have been improved at the Campden Park Container Port, and the Ports Authority’s manager, Paul Kirby, believes this can result in savings for Vincentian consumers.{{more}}

Commercial operations using the recently acquired 360-ton dead weight, 100-ton lifting capacity crane began on July 1st, and with it, the commencement of a 24-hour operation service.

Kirby told SEARCHLIGHT that while the Campden Park port has been in operation since 1995, it was functioning without a crane and could only accommodate vessels that were equipped with cranes.

He said that the port will now be able to accommodate larger vessels, carrying much more cargo, including vessels without cranes.

Kirby said that this means that the freight notes will be cheaper, which means that with the lower landing costs, some commodities may turn out to be cheaper for consumers.

Kirby explained that the 24-hour quayside operation means that ships can land at any time, including after the usual 9 pm cut of time and get their cargo offloaded. This he said, will lessen their time in St Vincent, and translate into more savings for them.

The crane was initially used to land the heavy-duty equipment donated by the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela to be used for the construction of the Argyle International Airport.

Kirby, however, told SEARCHLIGHT that commercial operation of the crane is part of the Ports Authority’s “strategy to have the port more marketable.”