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Leacock wants election report


The report on the 2005 General Elections has still not been presented to the Opposition, and Senator St Clair Leacock believes that something is amiss.

Speaking at the town hall meeting held by his party, the New Democratic Party (NDP) at their headquarters, Democrat House last Tuesday, July 1, Senator Leacock repeated claims that the 2005 elections were riddled with irregularities.{{more}}

The NDP got a 12-3 whipping at the hands of the ruling Unity Labour Party, but the NDP has continually contended that in at least three seats, all was not above board.

While threats of legal actions were made, none was taken by the NDP.

Leacock however says that as the NDP gets ready for the next elections, he is concerned that the elections could be marred by these alleged irregularities again.

He suggested that it may perhaps be a hint of these irregularities in the report which is causing discomfort to the government, hence the delay in the presentation of the report.

Leacock also addressed the situation of rising crime in the country, and paid particular attention to recent acts of violence that have bombarded the Redemption Sharpes community, which is part of Central Kingstown constituency, where he lost the last election to the incumbent, Conrad Sayers of the Unity Labour Party.

He said that while he appreciated the need for the problem to be arrested, “We will however not solve the problem of lawlessness in Central Kingstown and in other parts of the country until we have the commensurate aggression to find jobs for the jobless.”