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Joemilia Jackson is Valedictorian

Joemilia Jackson is Valedictorian


Describing her as “An amazing woman … who has been a pillar of strength and support,” Technical College Student of the Year Joemilia Jackson, while delivering her valedictory address, paid homage to her grandmother, without whom Jackson believes she would not have made it thus far.{{more}}

In her speech at the graduation and prize giving ceremony of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education held last Thursday, 26th June, at the St George’s Cathedral, Joemilia expressed amazement that the two years filled with “fears, uncertainties, sleepless nights and lots of trials” had elapsed so quickly.

The confident young woman said it is with a “bitter- sweet” feeling that she exits the doors of the College because it was “one of my greatest life experiences”.

She noted that during their years at the college, students often pointed blame at their lecturers when things became challenging.

But Joemilia said she realized that the lecturers could only have done so much in the time allotted. Therefore, it was up to them to do the rest.

She thanked the lecturers for their “love, patience and encouragement”. The valedictorian advised her fellow graduates that now is the time to take that great step into the unknown. She said that life has its challenges, but amidst those challenges “We must decide whether we must let it make us or break us”.

Guest Speaker Grenville Williams, in his address, urged the graduates to take the time to know themselves because one of the most important predictors of success is self- awareness. He encouraged the 140 graduates to know and accept their own strengths and weaknesses. He advised them to understand their passions, skills, temperament and limitations. Williams informed them that if they are square pegs, no matter how hard they or others try, they are not going to fit well in a round hole.

The Acting Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) appealed to the graduates to search hard for an occupation that they really like and in which they are best able to perform, as well as one in which they can make a difference in the world.

Williams advised that in pursuing their dreams, the graduates should be disciplined, persistent and have faith. He added that there is no substitute for hard work and cautioned them not to let riches and fame be their pursuit. They should instead focus on what they love,he said.

Dean of the Division Joseph Mapp, while delivering his report, said that they are embarking on quality assurance in the delivery of the nine programmes provided by the College. In doing so, they have to assess their staff and the equipment used for programme delivery. “We do not want our members to teach from old notes. We want members to be conversant with what is going on in the industry” Mapp said.

He told the students that things are happening that will affect them, and they must become aware of these changes. Director of the Community College Dr Veronica Marks also addressed the graduation.

Sally-Ann, Lady Ballantyne, presented academic awards to eight students who excelled in the different areas of study. Michael Jackson received the award for Automotive Repairs; Natasha Soleyn for Business Administration; Stefen Taylor for Building Construction; Vivian Ollivierre for Electrical Engineering; Davanley Foster for Electrical Maintenance and Repairs; Jomelia Jackson for Hospitality; Mickey Joesph for Mechanical Technology, and Jemsen Ollivierre for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.