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‘Serial rapist’ back on the prowl


A knife-wielding rapist is on the prowl in the areas between Arnos Vale, Fountain, Fair Hall and Villa, and police believe that it may be the same man who wreaked similar havoc in 2006.

At press time, a 33-year-old Fair Hall woman was the latest victim of the man, who police believe may have been responsible for 20 or more cases of sexual assault or rape in that part of the country in the lat seven months.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police (COP) Keith Miller confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that police suspect that one person is responsible for this spate of assaults and that it may be the same person who caused fear to grip the hearts of single women in the same areas in 2006.

“We believe it is the same person,” Miller said.

One very reliable medical source told SEARCHLIGHT that the victims of the man’s attacks are women who live alone, and the attacks usually take place between one and three in the morning.

The man is said to usually be calm, and in some cases actually sat down, drank water, and cooled off after doing his dastardly deeds.

Miller told SEARCHLIGHT that since the series of attacks started a few months ago, two sting operations were put in place, but the rapist did not bite their bait.

“We are working on it,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, police officers from the South Central District have been instructed to visit as many women as possible in the targeted areas to give them safety tips.

The rapist is targeting women who live alone or with small children, and seems to be observing his victims over a period of time before attacking.

“We have urged our men to locate persons living by themselves and talk to them… We are really concerned, so we are counting on the country to help us,” said head of the South Central Division, Superintendent Artis Davis.

Davis said, however, that while the police are urging diligence, they do not want people to panic.

“We are working round the clock,” he said.

While police officials would not confirm, SEARCHLIGHT is reliably informed that at least one man was questioned earlier this week in relation to the incidents.

In the December 8, 2006, issue of the SEARCHLIGHT, we reported that a serial rapist was on the loose.

Police officials questioned the accuracy of our report and dismissed the suggestion of the existence of a serial rapist.