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‘Police followed my son in threatening manner’

‘Police followed my son in threatening manner’


Attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne has written to Commissioner of Police Keith Miller claiming that a police vehicle carrying several armed Rapid Response Unit officers followed her vehicle in a threatening manner on the night of Sunday,

June 22.{{more}}

Bacchus said that her teenage son, who was driving the vehicle at the time was “in great fear for his safety” because of what she termed to be disgraceful and unlawful behaviour by the police officers.

Another person was in the vehicle with her son when the alleged action took place, Bacchus Browne claims.

“Mr Commissioner, ever since the filing of the criminal action against the Prime Minister, I have been concerned for the safety of my person and that of my immediate family,” Bacchus Browne said in her letter to Miller, which was dated

June 23.

She claims that her letters, emails and telephone calls have been tampered with, and implored Miller to investigate her complaint and discipline anyone engaged in “intimidatory tactics.”

She suggests that these tactics can blossom into physical attacks and evidence


When SEARCHLIGHT>/b> spoke to Miller he dismissed Bacchus-Browne’s claim as unfounded. He also said that he couldn’t say if would respond to her letter.