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New executive at VINSA Cave Hill

New executive at VINSA Cave Hill



In April 2008, Vincentians at the Cave Hill Campus of the UWI elected eight young persons to the Executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Students’ Association.

Karim Nelson was elected as the new President; Renee Simmons as Vice President; Kechewia Charles as Treasurer; Cerepha Harper as Secretary; Kerry-Ann Hamilton as Cultural Entertainment Chairperson; Bradley Glasgow as Sports Representative; Jeanine Williams as Liaison Officer, and Tahirah Davis as Public Relations Officer.{{more}}

These persons are charged with the responsibility of coordinating all of VINSA’s activities for the upcoming academic year, and has already shown their commitment and steadfast approach to their work by successfully pulling off a spectacular and exciting farewell dinner and awards ceremony on April 11 th, weeks after being elected. “We realize that we have a high standard to live up to, and we are determined not to let down our Vincentian brothers and sisters. Therefore, we approach our work with a high level of professionalism,” says VINSA’s President, Karim Nelson.

For the coming school year, the new Executive aims to achieve several things, among which are the creation of a ‘big brother, big sister’ programme designed to alleviate the hardships associated with the transition process for new Vincentian students, the implementation of a programme to help students source food, stationery and toiletries at a cheaper rate, and the hosting of a gospel show on Campus. However, the biggest event will be held during VINSA’s week in October – a week which coincides with Independence activities in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The week usually begins with a day of worship, but there will also be several other activities, including a sports day, a lecture, a beer lime, a concert and a flag raising ceremony.

The Executive will, therefore, be seeking to source funds from various business and Government entities throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines to finance these activities and to continue to provide benefits to Vincentians at Cave Hill.

Persons who have applied to Cave Hill for the coming academic year are invited to visit VINSA’s website at Executive members can also be personally contacted through the website. “It can be really difficult for new students to settle in quickly into their new environment without the appropriate guidance. We believe that the quicker one gets settled, the better. Therefore, we want to make ourselves as available and accessible as possible to address any questions or concerns that ‘new’ Vincentian students may have. We have to endeavour to eliminate the unnecessary stress from the process’, commented the President. He further reiterated the Executive’s pledge to be true to their constitutional mandate to promote the economic, emotional, academic, spiritual and social well being of all Vincentian students studying in Barbados.