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Coastguard, RRU and SSU swoop down on Petit Bordel

Coastguard, RRU and SSU swoop down on Petit Bordel


A Petit Bordel man, Winston williams, who also goes by the moniker Larbell, was arrested on Tuesday June 17 after he ran from the police while the officers were carrying out a search at the home of Leroy “Skyie” Edwards.

After giving chase, a revolver was recovered.{{more}}

Earlier in the day a joint Task force of Special Services Unit (SSU), Rapid Response Unit (RRU) and Coastguard officers was in the Bay area of Petit Bordel, where a two-storey house owned by Terrence Matthews and Clotilda Hooper was searched by the officers. No one was at home at the time, and the search, which lasted over two hours, was conducted in the presence of Justice of Peace Everal Ince, of Rose Bank.

After the search, a blue pirogue named D Boy, with identification number X137, believed to be of Barbadian origin, was seized by the Coastguard after it was found on the bay without an engine. The police then took up Edwards and went to his house.

The operation involved two coastguard vessels, three police transport vehicles and over 20 heavily armd officers.

Matthews and Hooper were turned over to the police by their lawyer Bertram Stapleton last week Thursday; they were charged with four counts of weapon and drug possession. They pleaded not guilty. Winston Williams was also charged with weapons possession. He pleaded not guilty and was also represented by Stapleton.

A news release from the police on 19th June stated that in a joint operation on 17th June at Petit Bordel, the police found a number of firearms, several rounds of ammunition and a quantity of illegal drugs. They are as follows: one Bruno model 9 mm semi-autmatic pistol, 7 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 25 rounds of 12 guage ammunition and 8,888 grammes (19 lbs) of cannabis.