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Students bring success to Windsor School

Students bring success to Windsor School


The Common Entrance Examination usually brings with it feelings of anxiety and stress. However, these feelings are far eclipsed by joy and relief when students perform extremely well. This is something Windsor School Grade 6 students K’Andrew France-Beckford and Paige Veira can attest to. {{more}}

Having placed 3rd for boys, 11-year-old K’Andrew placed 5th overall and was 1st in General Paper, while Paige, also 11 yrs old, placed 4th for girls, 7th overall and scored 100% in Mathematics. They both described being “…excited and happy…” at having done so well in their exams.

K’Andrew, also known as Sean, explained that he had been well prepared for the exams, as he was taking lessons from private tutor Marquita Daniel and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School Math teacher Phillip Farrell. He is adamant that the St. Vincent Grammar School will be his place of learning in the upcoming school term. The Cane Garden resident also related that Science is his favourite subject. K’Andrew is equally excited about his impending trip to the USA – a reward from his mother and grandmother for his recent achievements.

After-school lessons were also a staple for Paige, as she was tutored by Mr. Primus. She explained that apart from the extra lessons, her success was gained by studying hard and paying attention in class. A well-rounded child and Cane Garden resident, she plays tennis and the piano, and is an enrolled member in her school’s Brownie pack. Following in her older sister’s footsteps, Paige is looking forward to attending the Girls’ High School, come September, and, quite naturally, Mathematics is her favourite subject. She is also looking forward to the reward that her parents have planned for her, despite not yet knowing what it is.

Both Paige and K’Andrew advise Grade 5 students everywhere to, “…study hard and be prepared to make sacrifices…” if they want to come out on top in next year’s Common Entrance Examination.

K’Andrew is the son of Nicole France-Nichols and Dr Floyd Beckford, and lives with his mother and stepfather Deon Nichols. Paige is the daughter of Ian and Judy Veira. (JSV)