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Sonja set on becoming a surgeon

Sonja set on becoming a surgeon


Inspired by her cousin Dr Genevieve John, who is practicing Medicine in the United States, Sonja Hull has her mind set on being a doctor, a surgeon at that. Sonja tied with Nyasha Mofford when she placed sixth for girls and ninth over all in the recent Common Entrance Examination.{{more}}

The Biabou resident, who is the daughter of businessman Carlos Williams and Assistant Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office Jasmine Hull, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was confident while writing the Mathematics and English sections of the exam but was worried that she may not have done well in the General Paper section.

When the results came out she felt good to know that everything worked out well.

Sonja, who is looking forward to her celebratory party and trip to the United States, is an avid swimmer, and also likes to play tennis.

The St Mary’s RC School student said that she is looking forward to the secondary school experience and all the challenges that come with it.