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NLA has much to celebrate

NLA has much to celebrate


It was only fitting that the month of June should be a remarkable one; giving rise to not one but two Vincentian Super 6 winners, as the National Lottery Authority (NLA) celebrated its 24th anniversary on June 18th, 2008.

At the handover of the cheque to the latest winner, Phillip Moses, Product Development Officer Anthony Dennie highlighted just how involved the organization has become within the community. {{more}} He spoke of the NLA’s donation this month of $600,000 to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC). Whilst admitting that some of the lottery games could do with improvement, Dennie appealed to the public to keep supporting the lottery as much of the proceeds go towards worthy causes. “We want to take this opportunity to appeal to persons to continue playing the game.”

General Manager McGregor Sealy also remarked on just how involved the NLA is with local affairs, and how much the organization has grown over the decades. Sealy relayed that the NLA contributes towards Education, Health and Sports. He highlighted a recent donation of $20,000 that the organization had made to the SVG Football Federation, which assisted the local football team, Vincy Heat, in taking part in World Cup matches.

Sealy revealed that sales generated by the NLA in 2007 amounted to $39 million, and if the current trend continues, the NLA will easily bypass the $40 million mark for 2008. Additionally, he boasted that SVG’s Lottery games have steadily been out-performing those of the other OECS islands – surely proof that the NLA is operating on the right track.