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Kaela looking forward to Disney

Kaela looking forward to Disney


She is confident, poised and well spoken. Though she is elated about her Common Entrance results, Kaela Barrett is not surprised. The Georgetown resident told Searchlight that after she finished her exams, she was certain that she would be in the top ten.{{more}}

Kaela was also confident that her grades would not be less than 95 per cent in any subject. She got 95.45 per cent for English Language, 100 per cent for Maths and 95 per cent for General Paper.

The Georgetown Government School student said to prepare for the exams she stayed up late at times to study.

For placing second overall and first for girls, Kaela will be receiving several trips around the Caribbean and to North America, but the one she is looking forward to most is her visit to Disney World.

The 10-year-old, whose favourite subject is Maths, said that she wants to become a Zoologist because of her love for animals and the abuse they face and possible extinction. “I want to study all about animals, to see the conditions which they live in that cause them to die”.

One can usually find Kaela reading a book, doing research on the Internet, listening to music and drawing in her leisure time.

Come September, Kaela will carry on her family tradition by attending the Girls’ High School. “Before I did the Common Entrance, I really wanted to go to Girls’ High because it is the top school for girls. My mother went there and most of my family members, and the uniform looks smart,” she said smiling.

For her success she thanked her Mother who encouraged her to study, her teachers Paula Blake-Toney and Alasbour Williams, family and friends.

Her advice to students taking the exam next year is to always be determined, confident and make lots of sacrifices. She explained that if you place in the top five or ten that does not say how bright you are, but says you placed a particular number in the exam. “What really makes the difference is how you manage in secondary school,” she said.

Kaela is the daughter of payroll supervisor at the Mustique Company Karen Gumbs-Barrett and Business Director Eardley Barrett.(VM)