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Jamarl heads for the St. Vincent Grammar School

Jamarl heads for the St. Vincent Grammar School


Jamarl Alexander is not sure just what career he would like to pursue in the future, but he is sure that come September, he will be entering the St. Vincent Grammar School.

Eleven-year-old Jamarl, the son of Jennifer and Leroy Alexander, of Calder Ridge, placed third overall and second for boys in the June 6th Common Entrance Exam, with an overall average of 94.35 per cent.{{more}}

The student of the Kingstown Preparatory School said that even though he expected to do well, he was excited and happy when he got the good news.

The quiet, confident youngster who scored a perfect 100 per cent in his favourite subject, Mathematics, admits that he was a bit nervous on the day of the exam, even though he normally places in the top five at school. Jamarl scored 93.33 per cent in General Paper and 90.15 per cent in English.

Jamarl’s advice to students writing the Common Entrance Exam in the future is to work hard, focus and do their best.

The third of three children born to his parents is a well-rounded youngster who likes reading all types of novels, especially mysteries. He also enjoys using the computer and playing tennis.