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Hasani grateful to her parents

Hasani grateful to her parents


Hasani Browne is happy and satisfied with her Common Entrance results, and she has no reason not to be. She finished third for girls and sixth overall.

The daughter of Minister of Youth and Sports Michael Browne and Magistrate Zoila Ellis Browne, Hasani told SEARCHLIGHT that she is excited about the next phase of her educational journey, but she is a bit nervous about what this new phase will bring. {{more}} She said that her parents have expressed their happiness over her performance and congratulated her on her hard work and just reward.

When Hasani isn’t beating the school books, she enjoys relaxing and reading a good book and watching television.

She said that she is grateful to her parents and teachers for their support, and is looking forward to making new friends in secondary school.

Interestingly, she told SEARCHLIGHT that she considered it important to do well, given that she is the daughter of a government minister.