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Eustace, PM seeing eye to eye

Eustace, PM seeing eye to eye


Officials from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) visited St Vincent and the Grenadines last Monday, June 16, to conduct consultations on the proposed economic union. In the midst of it all, there was a show of unity of another kind. {{more}}

Laughter filled the Peace Memorial Hall when it was revealed that Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace used Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ glasses to read his address at the opening ceremony of the consultation.

Eustace forgot his glasses at home.

“Long may the Leader of the Opposition see things through my eyes,’ said Dr Gonsalves when he began his speech.

“I think I have given an excellent opportunity for us all to resume our activities jointly in parliament,” Dr Gonsalves added.

Eustace has led his fellow New Democratic Party parliamentarians on a boycott of parliament, as they demand that Dr Gonsalves step aside as he faces sexual misconduct accusations, including a claim by a police woman that he raped her on January 03rd at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Old Montrose.