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Community College gets new facility

Community College gets new facility


Students at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College are the beneficiaries of an enhanced learning environment compliments the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.

On Friday, June 14th, Basil Charles, Director of the Basil Charles Educational Foundation, handed over the new state of the art Instructional Facility to the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies of the College.{{more}}

While addressing the gathering, Charles said that it was the largest undertaking for the organization thus far, but they thought it was “Doable and possible.” Charles said the project was marked with several challenges. The prominent businessman said that on several occasions, he wondered how he was going to get the money to finance such a project, but with the help of close friends he was able to. He thanked those persons who helped to make the facility a reality.

Dr Veronica Marks, Director of the College, said the project, which started in 2005, was a lengthy one which was filled with uncertainty and challenges. The Director believes that the project has the potential to transform programme delivery at the College. She further noted that in this age of technology, it is important that Lecturers at the post secondary level have access to Technology to help deliver their programmes. The facility, she said, will give momentum to the institution’s initiative to “utilize distance modalities in instruction.” Marks said that it is with relief that she says goodbye to renting and borrowing of equipment. She urged both teachers and students alike to take care of the equipment to “ensure that the lifespan of the facility is not curtailed”.

Kelvin Malcolm, Dean of the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies, said that the facility is a landmark achievement in the life of the College. He stated the facility will enable the institution to be on “the cutting edge in classroom delivery.” Malcolm promised to take care of the facility and make the best use of it. The instructional facility was built at a cost of EC$100,000 and is equipped with 25 computers, one laptop, two printers, a scanner and a projector. (VM)