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Rock slide causes scare in Troumaca

Rock slide causes scare in Troumaca


A Troumaca family had a scary experience on Thursday June 5, after huge rocks broke off the cliff above their house, and rolled past their house, destroying their tools and supply shed.{{more}}

Alstar “Marsy” Mars, who operates Marsy’s Bar, Restaurant and Apartments at Troumaca Bottom told SEARCHLIGHT that he was cleaning out the bar and dining area of his property around 8:15 a.m. when he heard a loud noise. Thinking that it was helicopters flying overhead, he went out to look. That was when he saw the huge rocks rolling by.

Marsy said that he ran up to the guesthouse to check on his wife Yvonne and their three-week-old baby. Yvonne said that she was sitting on the verandah when she saw the rocks speeding down the hill so she went in and grabbed the baby and began running to Marsey. While running, she fell, injuring one of the baby’s legs. The baby was taken to Kingstown and is now wearing a cast.

Marsy said that he has placed several calls to the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), but no one from NEMO has come to look at the rock slides. Some of the rocks rested on Marsy’s property, but the largest one came to a stop on the Troumaca Playing Field.