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INZLO honours Richland Park community builders


On Sunday, June 1st, 2008, history was made again in the Richland Park community at the Richland Park SDA Church, where the Interior Zone Literacy Organization (INZLO) held its third honoring ceremony for twelve (12) community builders of Richland Park.{{more}} (8 males and 4 females)

The Honoring Ceremony, which commenced at 4 pm, was held under the theme: “Together we can, With an Attitude of Gratitude” The feature speaker at this even was Larson Jardine-Principal, Buccament SDA Primary School. He spoke on the subject “There is hope when a community chooses to remember its community builders”.

Adolph Williams, Bus Operator; Richard Caine, Road Engineer; Wilmoth Bacchus, Builder; Christopher Augustus, Builder; Noble Davis, Employer/Entrepreneur; Cecil Bailey, Employer/Entrepreneur; Cornelius Cupid, Soil Technician (Grave Digger); Earnest Stephens, Soil Technician (Grave Digger); Dolly Francis, Seamstress; Hyacinth Williams, Clerk/Manager (Bunpan); Omega Ottley Shopkeeper; Adina Barbour Richards, Artisan.

According to Managing Director Nigel Morgan, these are twelve of the fifty-five names that have been submitted to INZLO by the members of these communities to be recognized as community builders. On May 4th, INZLO recognized thirteen persons from the Lowmans WD community, and another 18 from the Lauders and Greggs communities. To bring the curtains down (grand finale) on the honoring project, the final 17 persons from Mesopotamia will be recognized on 15th June, 2008.

Chairman of the session and Technical Advisor of INZLO, Edward Beache, said that this community based organization exists to foster opportunities for persons to work together to enhance lives one at a time to be more productive in society. INZLO spans the communities of Marriaqua, Greggs, Lauders and Lowmans WD.

The honorees and members from the audience expressed their gratitude with an attitude of praise in songs, testimonies and tears of joy.