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Cuba sees Obama as a ‘more optimistic option’


Although the Cuban Government has no preference about who becomes the next President of the United States of America, Cuban Ambassador Olga Chamero Trias believes that there is a greater chance of both countries having dialogue with Barack Obama as head of state.{{more}}

Chamero Trias, speaking exclusively to Searchlight on the topic, said that Democratic presumptive nominee Obama was regarded as the more “advanced” of the two persons vying for the chief of staff position in the November elections.

Obama had said in previous press conferences and interviews that he would be willing to speak to his country’s adversaries if he becomes president.

“I do not doubt that a more diplomatic President would be able to open up negotiations, which would be the beginning of a process that can end in the manifestation of a relationship.”

The Ambassador stated that her country’s leader Raul Castro, brother of revolutionary leader Fidel, has indicated that he is open and ready to begin negotiations with the United States, as long as they are not asked to change their system of government. The Ambassador acknowledged the fact that regardless who becomes president, dialogue is not a matter for just that person to decide.

The president, whether Obama or Republican nominee John McCain would have to confront Congress and a number of other hurdles, since the blockade against Cuba, which was enforced in February 1962, is a part of US legislature.

“To dance a tango it takes two,” the Ambassador remarked. “If they want to sit down and discuss this tomorrow we are ready.”