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Paul’s Lot youth says police slapped him

Paul’s Lot youth says police slapped him


Former calypso monarch Grantley “Ipa” Constance may be able to sing about his case, but another Paul’s Lot resident who alleges that he was slapped and beaten by a police officer can only moan.{{more}}

Anthony Williams, a 19-year-old cart man, told SEARCHLIGHT that around 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4, while passing the mobile police station, parked in Paul’s Lot, on his way to purchase drinks for one of his clients, a policeman called out to him and said: “Boy ah go slap yo”, to which he replied: “Boss, you can’t slap me”, and went his way.

Williams said that while he was passing the station on his way back, the officer pulled him into the unit and slapped him, then proceeded to beat him on his head, arms and about his body with a piece of stick. “After he finish beating me, my phone ring and he said answer that, and I will beat yo again”, Williams said.

He said after the officer, whose name he does not know, released him, he went home and told his mother what happened and she told him not to report it to the police.

Williams admits that he always exchanges words with the officers of the mobile unit. He said that on one occasion, the officer that beat him told him that when they (the police) had just come to Paul’s Avenue, he was quiet but now he is a bad boy. “I work hard and police have no right to beat me,” Williams said.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the Mobile unit later the same day, the male and female officer stationed there said that they knew nothing about the incident.

Last year, Ipa reported being slapped by a police officer, under instructions from Sergeant Foster Scott. Criminal and civil proceedings are presently before the court in that matter. Lawyer for Ipa, Jomo Thomas, told SEARCHLIGHT that the criminal matter was adjourned on 8th May to 17th July. The criminal matter will be heard in the Magistrate’s court and the civil matter will be heard in the High Court.

Recently, Thomas sought to bring a class action suit against the police which didn’t get off the ground. However, Thomas said that if in the future an aggrieved class wants to bring action against the police for brutality, he would be willing to represent them in court.

“The police have a policy of brutalization and intimidation and that does not help in the development of good police and community relationships”, Thomas said.