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Digicel joins ‘Stay in School’ campaign

Digicel joins ‘Stay in School’ campaign


Telecommunications provider Digicel has joined the ‘Stay in School’ campaign with local businessman Quincy Lewis of Foreign Brand Name Outlet.{{more}}

The Stay in School campaign was formulated by Lewis after noticing that a lot of students were dropping out of school and getting involved in crime and violence. The campaign involves the strategic placing of stickers on vehicles or anywhere that youngsters can see them on a regular basis.

“This campaign has to do with the fact that I noticed a lot of youths are heading down the wrong road by dropping out of school too early, and as a result they are unable to obtain proper jobs and make a decent living,” stated Lewis.

Lewis also stated that he is hoping that the strategic placement of the stickers carrying the positive message of staying in school can help “to beat the message into the heads of the youths by allowing them to not only see the message on TV but to see it everyday whether it be in areas they frequent or on the transport that they use daily”.

He added that the lack of education can cause youngsters to fall victim to the negative aspects of life, and, therefore, “I feel good that Digicel has joined the fight to urge youngsters to get a proper education by taking schooling seriously among other things”.

“I feel good that Digicel is able to acknowledge that a young man like myself is doing something positive and I am glad that they helped me to print the stickers because as a small businessman I could not afford to print anymore of the stickers and the demand has become great,” stated Lewis who had initially paid for the printing out of his own pocket.

Marketing Manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche commented that the Stay in School campaign is a very positive initiative, and “Digicel would like to commend Lewis for his insight in producing the first set of stickers and this positive message,” she added. “Education is the key to the foundation of any youth in any country and we really look forward to doing more projects like this one that carries a strong key message for the youths”.