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Kimberly: I mad still at Daddy. I very mad how he kill my sister

Kimberly: I mad still at Daddy. I very mad how he kill my sister


Eight-year-old Kimberly Duvanique Shallow is sad, and at the same time angry, when she reminisces about her sister Rosanna “Bebe” Shallow and the manner in which she died.

“Sometimes when I sit down and remember things about her I want to cry,” she said, when asked about “Bebe”, who did not survive the shooting at the hands of the man that Kimberly said used to protect them.{{more}}

Kimberly and her mom Wandalyn, speaking exclusively to Searchlight one year after the tragedy that changed their lives, looked back at the fateful day. To Wandalyn, it seems like yesterday. She said she remembers her former boyfriend Tom “Dick” Sutherland calling her and letting a scared Kimberly speak to her, for what could have been the last time.

“She was crying and saying that her daddy take them from school and she did not know where they was.”

“He then tell me that I was going to be sorry.”

What started out as a promising relationship turned abusive when, according to Wandlyn, Tom started drinking, abusing her physically and having other women.

“When I leave him, he would apologize and when I take him back the same thing would happen again.”

It was her decision to leave for the last time that changed their lives forever.

Shallow took a job in Canouan, and Sutherland’s inability to get to her caused him to turn on his daughters.

Young Kimberly remembers her father taking her and her sister to the beach; she remembers him shooting “Bebe”; she remembers him shooting her; she remembers being helped by other students and taken to the hospital.

She remembers everything.

“I mad still at Daddy. I very mad how he kill my sister. She was too nice to go like that. She was only six.” Kimberly said.

Kimberly said that she has not forgiven her father as yet, but maybe when she gets older she will.

But mom Wandalyn has already forgiven him, saying that in order to move on, one has to forgive.

But she will never forget.

“Everyday it on my mind.”

“I still can’t believe it happen. I still imagine she around.”

Young “Bebe” was described as the comforter in the family, always ready to console her mother, sister and anyone else who seemed under the weather.

She is remembered as a very outgoing and friendly child, whose favorite songs included ‘Yankee Doodle’. Her mother said she is still greatly missed by all who knew her.

Meanwhile, mom and daughter try their best to live ordinary lives.

Mom Wandalyn quit her job in Canouan to look after Kimberly, who has nightmares and suffers seizures periodically.

The youngster, who said her favorite food is pelau, hopes to be a chef like her mom when she grows up.