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National day of prayer


Plans are being made for June 9th, a date set aside by a steering committee of church ministers for this country’s National Day of Prayer.{{more}}

The committee, which comprises of ministers of various Christian denominations, will over the course of the next few weeks, set up an agenda for the day when Vincentians from all walks of life are expected to take time out to reflect, consult and praise God.

Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs Selmon Walters, announcing the date at a press conference on Tuesday, said that among other things, the closeness to the arrival of the hurricane season as well as Carnival celebrations were reasons why the second Monday in June was chosen.

Walters, along with the other committee members present at the press conference, called for all Vincentians to participate in the event, which according to them, would be nothing but beneficial to the entire nation.

Although it is not quite certain if the day would be a national holiday, the minister indicated that it is the intention of the committee to make it an annual event.

The committee consists of Pastors Errol Daniel, Marcia Creese, Kenyatta Lewis, Benjamin Samuel, Sylvester King, Julie Campbell, Dermott Baptiste, Johnny Jones, Steven Ollivierre and Major Henry King. (JJ)