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Biabou Learning Resource Centre opens

Biabou Learning Resource Centre opens


The ninth learning resource centre to be built under the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration was officially opened last Monday. The centre, located at Biabou, is intended to serve the people of the South Windward constituency.{{more}}

While delivering the feature address at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves noted that excellent work could only come out from an organized, civilized society. He said that the completion of the project is the output of a civilisation “which is developing and advancing, it is not a product of one individual, (but) a collective effort in which each of us has a part to play”.

The Prime Minister explained that in order for the facility to be used at the optimal level, community members should not allow pettiness and vanity to undermine its excellence.

Dr Gonsalves mentioned that the centre, which is built at a cost of $1.47 million is an excellent facility to use as a hurricane shelter. The Prime Minister congratulated those persons who were responsible for the design of the building and who were involved in “the superintendence of this magnificent edifice”.

Meanwhile Hugh Wyllie, Director of Adult Education said that the learning resource centres are extremely important for the delivery of adult literacy programmes. He stated that the learning resource centres have been providing a zonal hub for the coordination his organization’s programme, and said that his team is looking forward to serving the people of Biabou and surrounding communities.

Wyille mentioned that the learning resource centres are also established for the use of community groups and invited them to use the centres for their various meetings. “Let us make the South Windward Learning Resource Centre a beehive of educational activity, and every human and material resource available be used to ensure that the money spent to build this building is well spent indeed”, he said.

Also making remarks at the opening was Michael Lin Counselor in the Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan), who said that the opening of the centre is symbol of the cordial relationship between the two countries and their people. He stated that to invest in education is an investment for life and one they will not regret. Lin urged students to make good use of the centre and to keep it in a good condition for themselves and the generations to come.

Former area representative Sir Vincent Beache, area representative Glen Beache and Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel also made brief remarks. Included in the resource centre are a 24-station fully equipped computer lab, a kitchen, library office and an auditorium. Also part of the compound is the new Biabou Post office.(VM)