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SVG not affected by CAPE recall


Amidst the blame passing between Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) officials in Barbados and the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Education over the leaking of this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) papers, the one question on Vincentians’ minds is: what ramification does this hold for those sitting the CAPE here? The answer – apparently none.{{more}}

According to the Trinidad Express, following the discovery of leaked CAPE papers being sold for TT$5000, the Ministry of Education announced that CAPE would be postponed in Trinidad & Tobago until after June 13th. A new timetable has also been issued. CXC Public Information Officer Cleveland Sam issued a statement in the forum section of the CXC website stating: “The Caribbean Examination Council wish to inform all concerned that the deferral of the 2008 CAPE applies to Trinidad & Tobago ONLY. The deferral of the CAPE does not apply to the other CXC participating territories, where the sitting of the CAPE will continue as timetabled.”

In speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Acting Local Registrar in the Ministry of Education, Corinne Gonsalves confirmed that the CAPE has not been postponed here. Gonsalves stated that she has received no correspondence from the CXC heaquarters in Barbados stating that there will be any changes; therefore, the exams will go ahead as scheduled.

According to the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Minister of Education in Barbados Ronald Jones has denied any leaking of CAPE papers there. Similarly, according to the Trinidad Express, Minister of Education Esther Le Gendre released a statement that all CAPE papers were received in Trinidad sealed and intact. It would appear that both parties are pointing the finger of blame at each other. One thing they both agree on, however, is that the culprit(s) will be dealt with severely when found.(JSV)