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Record catch for Fisherman’s Day

Record catch for Fisherman’s Day


In 1976 the first Fisherman’s Day Competition was held at Canash Bay and with the heaviest catch of 1513 lbs of fish, Howard Clasp became Fisherman of that year. He won an 8 horsepower Yamaha engine that cost $1,500.{{more}}

Thirty-three years later, Fisherman’s Day is a grand national event with many different classes and categories to compete in, including schools’ poster and essay competitions.

Last Monday, with fair to moderate sea conditions, 157 fishers participated in 62 boats, 31 of which returned with catch. The average weight per boat was 198 lbs and a total catch of the day was 6128 lbs.

Chair of the Fisherman’s Day Committee Leonard Charles told SEARCHLIGHT that more persons and boats enter each year and the catches keep getting bigger.

Addressing the large crowd at the Calliaqua Playing Field, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Montgomery Daniel said that Vincentian fisherfolk have to be ready for the hostile competition in the international fishing industry “Fishing continues to contribute to the economy”, he said. Minister Daniel implored fisherfolk to invest in four stroke engines as they are more fuel efficient than the commonly used two stroke engines.

In delivering the feature address, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves boasted about his new physique stressing that he is eating healthier (lots of fish) and exercising regularly. Dr Gonsalves spoke of banning the selling of fish to trawlers for one year in order to protect the fishing stock. He highlighted the global rise in food prices and compared the prices of food locally, stating that a pound of bananas cost more than a pound of rice or flour.

Entertainment for the event was provided by the National Insurance Service (NIS) Band and a cultural presentation by a dance group of Japanese volunteers. The nine Miss SVG contestants were also present. They each presented prizes to the winners. Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, although he didn’t compete, had a 100 lb catch. The secret was let out by his son Adam, who also copped the second prize in the Grades 4-6 primary schools poster competition.

Winston Harry, a 27-year-old fisherman of Rose Place took the Fisherman of the Year title. He was awarded a 75-horsepower Yamaha engine, among other gifts and cash. (AC)