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Cuban doctors coming to SVG to carry out eye exams


A Cuban team, including 11 doctors, will arrive here by the end of May to conduct a one year Ophthalmology programme, a spin off from the Vision Now programme, which saw hundreds of Vincentians travel to Cuba for various eye operations.{{more}}

At a press conference earlier this week, Dr Gonsalves said that now that the necessary equipment is in St Vincent, the team from Cuba will be continuing the programme here.

He explained that eventually, an ophthalmology unit will be established in the Georgetown Medical centre, currently under construction.

“By the end of that year, it is expected that the medical complex in Georgetown…that there will be an ophthalmogy unit there,’ Dr Gonsalves said.

He said that Cuban specialists will be coming to St Vincent to man this unit along with Vincentian medical personnel.

The Georgetown Complex is also expected to have a Kidney Dialysis Unit.

Government is also in discussions with interested medical schools so as to secure the operations of a medical school to be based there.

Dr Gonsalves explained that the financial opportunities that will accompany the medical school’s operation will be part of the economic redevelopment plan for Georgetown and its environs.(KJ)