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Churches to hold prayer walk rally



As part of its activities for the upcoming national Every Home in SVG for Christ event, the Association of Evangelical Churches would be having a national prayer walk rally on the 25th May, from 5 – 6 pm. The Association is asking all involved and participating churches to pray walk their immediate communities for one hour, praying for, among other things, open hearts that would embrace the gospel, minds that would receive the gospel and doors that would be opened to the gospel.{{more}}

As the members of each church walk through their neighbourhood and pray for all its inhabitants, that Association is also asking the churches to take note of areas and opportunities for service to the community by the church body. We believe that the two pronged approach of intercessory prayer and compassionate assistance greatly helps the spread of the good news of the gospel.

For further information persons are invited to call 456-5246, 495-1045 or they can email the Association at