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Blue Angels fly at Methodist Church Hall

Blue Angels  fly at Methodist Church Hall


With their fashion forward style and fierce moves, the Blue Angel models sashayed some of the latest designs through the Methodist Church Hall.{{more}}

As young as three years old, the tiny tots walked with poise and confidence. While the older, more experienced models held their own.

The Blue Angels Personal Development agency held their Tea party and fashion show this year for the mothers.

The audience was charmed with a young male model who seemed to be well on his way to the catwalk in Paris. His struts were right on point and his body language appeared to be those of an experienced model.

The costume section showed a range of creative and fashionable outfits that would make for appropriate attire for a Halloween party. The models also graced the stage with very trendy spectacles from Eyes R Us.

The audience was not left out of the spot light as several persons won gifts basket compliments the sponsors, while everyone left the hall with a number of goodies in hand. (VM)