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Students of GSS urged to stay focussed

Students of GSS urged to stay focussed


Decked out in their work apparel, students of the Georgetown Secondary School are now more aware of their prospective career choices.{{more}}

The school hosted its Career Fair last week Thursday, under the theme: “Autonomy through Careers”. The event saw students appropriately dressed for there future career roles.

While delivering the feature address, Patty Pierre, Deputy Principal of the school, urged the students to work hard in order to achieve success. She told them not to allow distractions to prevent them from realizing their goals. Pierre noted that it is important that they have positive attitudes or “they would be the last ones to be hired and yet the first to be fired”. Pierre emphasized to the students that ‘their overall purpose is to serve humanity in whatever field or career they have chosen”.

Principal of the School Kenroy Johnson told the students that they are all intelligent and that they have the potential to achieve anything they desire. He said he is sorry for the students of today because “they have to cope with so many distractions and problems”. He said it is necessary for them as an institution to point students at a tender age in a particular direction for them to start thinking seriously. Johnson told students that with the foundation established at GSS, once they stay focussed they could achieve anything.

Students got the opportunity to visit booths displaying information on various careers. Members of the public and students from the North Union Secondary, Georgetown Multi Purpose Centre, and the Georgetown Primary School were also present at the Fair.