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Reverend urges nation to protect our children

Reverend urges nation to protect our children


A national service to commence child month activities was held last Friday at the Victoria Park, under the theme: ‘Our Children – Treasure Their Innocence’. {{more}}

Delivering the feature address, Reverend Victor Job, of the Methodist Church, spoke about the different ways in which we destroy our children, and suggested solutions to the problems.

Job said parents and educators have a responsibility to preserve our children’s innocence. He noted, “Those who abuse our children are the ones who are supposed to protect them.” He went on to say that parents must not make their children into adults before their time, adding that parents dress their girl children like “mini women”; this, he believes, is a source of temptation to our boys.

The Priest told parents that they have a responsibility to screen the television shows their children watch. He related that too often parents allow “the television and the Internet to be used as a baby sitter”. This, he said, gives the children the opportunity to watch any show of their choice, many of which he said are of an “explicit nature”.

Job urged parents to be aware of their children’s activities and location at all times. He encouraged them to search their children’s book bags everyday. He pleaded with parents to give love and care to their children, which he claimed would help develop their self esteem. He asked parents to bring their children to Jesus and pray for them, advising them to set up a family altar in the home. He believes that when the children learn about Jesus, ‘life will have more meaning’. He said that there is a need for religious education to be brought back into the schools.

Reverend Job asked the children present at the gathering to wait on until marriage before they indulge in sex. He ended by telling the children to maintain their innocence or they will live to regret it.

Lilly Mc Dowall, Education Officer with responsibility for Early Childhood Education, led several Pre- School students in a march around the Victoria Park. Several children’s hymns were sung, after which the audience was treated to recitations by Kamili Jack and Zone three Primary School students. Curriculum Officers and Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan also made presentations. (VM)