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Residents affected by odour from poles

Residents affected  by odour from poles


The odour emanating from some treated utility poles has been causing some residents in the Campden Park Industrial Estate immense distress over the last couple months.{{more}}

Some residents have been complaining of upset stomachs, being unable to sleep, and fears for their young children’s health, because of these poles, which SEARCHLIGHT understands have been imported for a VINLEC project.

“I can’t sleep. When I fall asleep, I jump out of my sleep.. I can’t breathe, (it’s) as though I am choking,” said Tanasha Charles who is seven months pregnant.

“My chest burns me when that scent hits me,” she said.

“If I am at home in the day, and the sun hit those poles, I can’t stay here,” said Dwane Connell.

Connell said that when the wind blows, it feels like rubbing alcohol is in his eyes.

“I does wheeze, and that thing causing me real problems, especially when the sun hot. I have little children living here, it’s real bad,” said Closilda Delpeshe.

Meanwhile, Desree Walcott told SEARCHLIGHT that when she contacted Vinlec, she was told that the poles are the responsibility of Ruddy Electrical Contracting Company Limited.

She said that efforts to contact the Manager have proven futile.

“I have to make sure all my windows close up at nights, and still the scent kills me,” Desree said.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Rudolph Daize of Ruddy Electrical, we were told that everything pertaining to the poles is controlled by VINLEC, and we should speak to them.

Daize said that while his company is “partly responsible” he isn’t in any position to speak about it.

But this is not the information coming from VINLEC’s boss, Thornley Myers.

Myers told SEARCHLIGHT that the poles are for a VINLEC contract, but VINLEC doesn’t have direct responsibility for them.

He explained that Ruddy Electrical is a sub-contractor in the project.

According to Myers, the poles were placed there for convenience, with the intention that they would not have been there too long.

He confirmed that reports of the residents’ discomfort have come to his attention, and while saying that the treated poles should not cause any major health concerns, he has given the necessary instructions to have them moved.

“It is because they are new poles, and the amount that is stored in that one area,” he gave as the reason for the strong odour.

He said that the treatment used on the poles is the same that is used on all the poles used by Vinlec.

Myers stressed however, that it wasn’t Vinlec’s decision to put the poles where they are, but said he will follow up on it.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Daize later, he said that the poles are being moved, and all should be out of the area by the middle of June.