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Miller sends warning to would be criminals

Miller sends warning to would be criminals


With over 2,483,500 cannabis seedlings, 17,016 pounds of cured cannabis and 19 nine-millimeter pistols being confiscated and destroyed, this country’s Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is warning criminals that the police are closing in on them.{{more}}

The Top Cop was at the time addressing the closing of the Regional Security System’s Basic Course 1 of 2008 at the Old Montrose Police Station last week Thursday.

“Our nets are closing in on the vultures who plan to live a life of crime at the risk of others,” Miller sternly warned.

Reporting on the five-day operation that the Special Service Unit officers carried out in the Campden Park Mountains, Morne Ronde and De Volet Point, Miller further pointed out that 319,736 mature cannabis plants, 12 grams of cocaine and 128 huts were destroyed by the officers. He further noted that 12 twelve gauge shot guns were discovered, one .22 rifle, and eight rounds of 5.6 AK 47 ammunition.

Miller said that it is that commitment from regional and local officers that will help to fight the vicious crime trend that has been affecting St Vincent and the wider region. “We have to continue our aggressive approach to crime fighting,” said Commissioner Miller.

He stated it was because of the aggressive approach taken on by the local police force that they were able to confiscate US$1.6 million from Winston Robinson, a 65-year-old retired sailor of Bermuda, and Kenneth Andrews, a 38-year-old seaman of Trinidad and Tobago. “This has opened a can of worms, which will lead us anywhere to several culpable persons. I am sure that the lawbreakers have serious fights among themselves now for obvious reasons,” he firmly said.