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Government to source fertilizer from Venezuela


Government is to begin using Venezuela as a source for procuring more fertilizer to meet the needs of local farmers.{{more}}

This follows a Petro Caribe meeting in Caracas last week, which was attended by a delegation headed by government consultant Sir Vincent Beache.

Sir Vincent said that this was one of the issues raised by his delegation, and added that a determination will soon be made as to the quantity and type of fertilizer that is required for use by farmers in the state.

There will also be an evaluation of the farming chemicals used in the state, with a view towards augmenting this supply from Venezuela.

Sir Vincent said that his delegation also took great interest in a PVC housing unit that the government of Venezuelan has created for use by its citizens.

The PVC unit, already in use in Cuba, has reinforced concrete at its core, and is said to be safe, resistant and cost effective, about 50% lower than a regular housing unit of the same size.

The Vincentian delegation also included the CEO of Vinlec, Thornely Myers, and Winston George of the Ministry of Agriculture.