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Commissiong: I am keeping my powder dry


Kay Bacchus-Browne is adamant that it was Attorney-at-Law Samuel Commissiong who introduced her to Canadian attorney Margaret Parsons, but Commissiong says in time the truth will be known.{{more}}

At a press conference held last week, Attorneys Nicole Sylvester and Kay Bacchus- Browne said that a recent article published on a wire news service quotes Commissiong as denying introducing Parsons to Bacchus.

“I can say for a fact that it was Mr Samuel Commissiong who introduced Margaret Parsons to me and told me that she had an allegation to make against the Prime Minister. That is how I came into the matter,” Bacchus Browne said.

Bacchus-Browne said that she was outside her Chambers when Commissiong met her and introduced her to Parsons. She said that she called Sylvester, who came across to her office and they took Parsons’ statement.

The statement was notarized and sent to the Commissioner of Police, Bacchus-Browne and Sylvester said.

But Commissiong said that he has chosen to say nothing further on the subject, only to say that the truth will come out in due time.

“It is inappropriate to discuss my client’s matter in the press,” he said.

“I am keeping my powder dry,” he added.

Meanwhile Sylvester is very suspicious of Commissiong’s denial and all the other controversies that have arisen out of the matter.

She suggested that the controversies may be a deliberate ploy aimed at eroding the case’s credibility.

Along with Bacchus-Browne, Sylvester also said that Commissiong’s denial is bringing into question their professional credibility, which they find unacceptable.

Parsons claims that she was sexually assault by Dr Gonsalves during a 2004 meeting at his office.

Her private sexual assault complaint was taken over and wholly discontinued by DPP Colin Williams.(KJ)