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Taiwanese Embassy, Karib Cable assist the Kingstown Methodist Boys Brigade

Taiwanese Embassy,  Karib Cable assist the Kingstown Methodist Boys Brigade


The Taiwanese Embassy and Karib Cable have again demonstrated their unwavering support for the development of the nation’s youth.{{more}}

Last Thursday, April 17, at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall, the Kingstown Methodist Boys Brigade was the proud recipient of plants and tools to assist with the planting of trees to commemorate World Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22. The tools donated included forks, hoes, cutlasses and a Wheel Barrow.

Leader of the group, Superintendent Bertram Cumberbatch, said that the group wanted to do something special for Earth Fest with the piece of farmland which they have at Murray’s Road. Cumberbatch told the small gathering that it was Jankie Glass of Karib Cable who saw the vacant parcel of land at Murray’s Road and contacted him, offering to assist the group.

“I know the boys are willing and anxious to get on with the planting of these trees and to use the equipment given,” stated Cumberbatch.

Managing Director of Karib Cable Jankie Glass said that she thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to help Cumberbatch by offering the land to produce short-term crops. Glass said her main mission is to assist the nation to feed itself by growing our own food. Glass also said that St Vincent and the Grenadines is a Gem of the Caribbean, and every man, woman and child should do his or her part in keeping it clean. Glass called on members of the private sector to give of their time to make this country a more beautiful place.

The Boys Brigade, which was established in 1892, is the first such group to be established here in St Vincent. The group has an active membership of 60 young persons and participates in education, spiritual and sporting activities among others.

Eloise Gonsalves, wife of this country’s Prime Minister, was also presented with a plant at the handing over ceremony.(KW)