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SVG Roving Caregivers now on six month training course


Twenty-four Roving Caregivers of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Roving Caregivers Programme are now participating in a 6-month NCTVET Level 1 Course. The course started on April 17th, and will run to the end of November 2008.##M;[more]##

The training Course focuses on Early Childhood Care, Education and Development and has presenters from the Ministries of Education and Health, as well as retired educators.

It will cover topics such as Promoting Children’s Social and Emotional Development, Providing for Children’s Physical Needs, Observing, Detecting Illness and Motor Development, Promoting and Supporting Cognitive and Communication Skills, Maintaining a Child-Oriented -Welcoming Environment Structured to Facilitate Exploration, Discovery and Positive Interaction, Maths, English and Environmental Studies.

The training Course is done at the request of the Bernard van Leer Foundation & the Caribbean Child Support Initiative, both of which feel that the Rovers need to increase their capacity in providing services to children from birth to three.