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Senator gives pep talk to Primary schoolers

Senator gives pep talk to Primary schoolers


The common entrance classes of the New Grounds Primary School, Lowmans Windward Anglican School and the Lauders Primary School were the recipients of pep talks from newly installed Senator Saboto Caesar on Friday, 18th April.{{more}}

The young lawyer encouraged the students to let studying be an integral and important part of their life, as hard work brings success. He asked them to pray, as prayer is central to their entire human development. He also reminded the students: “If you want to be successful, you have no option but to study hard”.

Senator Caesar will continue his visits to other common entrance classes at the Diamonds Government School and the Greggs Primary School, prior to their exams, as a part of a general quest to assist in the empowerment of rural schools to ensure that all students have an equal chance at succeeding.